Hair bows


Hair accessories are a great way to change up your hair without requiring an extended amount of time styling. I love to wear headbands, fancy bobby pins (DIY tutorial coming soon), and hair bows to keep my hair out of my face and still add variety to wearing my hair down or in a ponytail.

These hair bows are super cute and allow for a lot of individuality

-Scraps of fabric
-Sewing machine
-Alligator clips

Start with your favorite fabric cut to 4″ X 5″ for the bow and 2″ X 2″ for the center strip. Taking the 4X5 piece fold it in half with the colorful sides facing, iron, then sew along the three open sides making sure to leave about a 1″ opening at the end.


Turn fabric right-side out through the 1″ opening you left, push corners out so they make sharp right angles, and iron flat. Tuck frayed portion in and hand sew the opening shut.

With the 2X2 piece, fold the fabric with the patterned/colorful sides facing. Only sew a straight line along the longer side. Turn right-side out, and iron. Fold in half (hotdog style) again and iron. Set aside.

Taking the larger piece, accordion style fold the piece into a bow shape. While pinching the center, hand stitch a couple stitches into the center to keep the bow shape. Take the long skinny piece and wrap it around the center. I didn’t stitch the two pieces together, but rather just sewed the two ends together. This allowed me to easily slide of the alligator clips in between the fabric. It stays in place no problem in your hair and allows you to easily interchange clips for all the different bows you make, so you don’t have to purchase a bunch of clips!

image image image


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